Monday, November 29, 2004

Searching for a Doctor


I already had an appointment scheduled for Tueady, but I wanted to try and get into see someone sooner. I had already resigned to the fact I would have to have the cornea transplant. Now, I just wanted to get started getting better. I called one of our clients, from work, who owns a company that sells retinal surgical equipment. I called Frank Tighe. Frank said he would call his business partner who runs the opthamology department at USC. Frank called me back and told me that his sources reccommended Dr. Doyle Stulting, a professor at Emory University. Frank said, "if one of my kids were having a cornea transplant, then Dr Stulting would do the surgery." So, I called and got an appointment to see him on Wednesday. I cancelled my other appointment for that Tuesday. I figured if I am going to get this done it might as well be by the best. The true blessing was that Dr. Stulting accepted Blue Cross and Blue Shield, so my insurance will cover the appointments and the surgery.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Emergency Appointment

I called my eye doctor to tell him what had happened the previous day. The doctor said he want to see me right away. He called while my Dad and I were on our way to the Atlanta Falcons game. So, we stopped by the eye doctors office on the way to the game. The doctor told me I was in no immediate danger and that he would refer me for an appointment with a specialist on Tuesday. He gave me some drops for my eye that would reduce some of the swelling. Then, my dad and I headed off to the Falcons game and watched them crush the New Orleans Saints.

This is what my eye looks like today Posted by Hello

The First Day

This past weekend I lost sight in my right eye. I was getting my oil changed at the local Jiffy lube, when all of a sudden my vision in my right eye got really blurry. My first thought was that my contact was gunked up. So, I went to the bathroom to try and fix my contact. When I looked into the mirror, I noticed my contact was on my eye. I looked harder to notice the contact was not fitting correctly. So, I took my contact out and noticed my eye had a bulge over the iris area. I knew then that things were not right. I was diagnosed with keratoconus in college during an Army Officer Commisioning Physical. Since, then I new my eyes would deteriorate to the point of needing a cornea transplant. On Saturday, someday became today.